Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Global Test market : Earn money by doing surveys

While surfing the web using stumbleupon, i happened to chance upon Global test market. Altough it stated that i can earn money by completing their survey, i was quite sketical and haphazardly believes that its a hoax. But then again, curiosity got the better of me and i decided to sigh up for an account. What the heck, i got nothing to lose right? I never regreted ever since.

For the first few months, surveys sent to me were quite slow. Typically around 2-3 survey, but i still continued to do it anyway. Some were short which typically took around 5 - 10 mins, while there were a fair share of lengthy ones but they generally last about 45 mins. After about half a year(yes, its abit SLOW, but i was determined), i managed to clock 1000 points. Quickly, i carried out a redeem and waited for my $US50. It took the cheque a month to reach my mailbox, in between i nearly forgot about it but i was surprised when i really got the money, i banked in the cheque and it was legitimate. I was $US50 richer. A slow way of earning money, but at least its not a hoax. Below are a list of pros and cons for your comparison. And if you wanna join, link is provided below as well. Happy Surveying and a Merry Christmas!!

- Surveys increases once they deem you are active
- Get 1000 points and you earn US$50
- Legitimate
- Surveys are sent you via email and you are required to click the provided link
- Surveys are typically short and simple, longest i took was about 45 mins
- Great for students and housewives
- Do it at your own free time, but surveys can get expired if you ignore them for too long

- You might be surveyed out if they feel that you are not suitable for the survey. But you still get a minimum of 5 market points
- Cheque sent to me via mail, but it took them quite some time to reach me. I got it around a month later once i submitted to claim my rewards
- Only cash rewards, i was hoping for other rewards though
- You can only claim $US50 once you have reached a min of 1000 marketpoints

Interested? Click the link provided. **I don't get paid for this recommedation though, purely out of sharing my likes. :)


Sunday, January 9, 2011

What i believe when it comes to trading

These are just my thoughts and i would like to share on the funny things about trading. It may sound senseless to you but i hope that someone do agree about it or felt the same way like i do during the course of learning and starting to trade stocks using your own hard earned money.

1. Praying doesn't help...what goes up will come down and down and down
I always fall into this trap when i was new to trading. Being ignorant, whenever a particular stock price goes in the opposite direction, there is always a mindset that i should hold and wait for the best. This stock will eventually rise and make profits. When weeks passed and months approached, i started praying. God, please make this stock rise, i will stop humiliating my brother and treat him nicer. Just when i couldn't wait anymore and seeing that my funds are depleting, i got out with huge losses when i could have lose lesser if i got out earlier. To add more salt to the wound. God answered my prayers too late and the stock shot up the ceiling while i continued to lick my wounds and cursed myself for not holding... If this sounds familiar to you, welcome to the club. You are not the only one.  My suggestion to such situation is to put a stop loss or give yourself a tolerance level, how much are you willing to lose.Set that level and sell when it is reached. Pick yourself up and carry on trading. Dont give up.

2. Ask if you are not sure!!
Throw out your ego when trading. Don't always think that you are right and worst of all, do not "Assume". Ask someone for help whenever you are not sure on how to trade, i have seen people blindly keying wrong figures and instead of buying, they short sell. Imagine the amount of losses you could make if you do not verify!! 

3. Don't impule buy because your friend says this stock is a runner
Would you go to war not wearing your protective gear or fight your enemies without carrying your weapons?! I hope your answer is no... Just like war, you need to arm yourself before buying a particular stock. Have you done a analysis or a simple study of the company? Have you taken a look at the chart? Fundamentally is it sound? Technically is it right? If you are not sure of what this company does, don't even do a impulse buy. I would rather miss this opportunity than to lose money without making preparations.

4. Crying over spilled milk (You lost money in a trade)
Get over it! So what if you make a mistake, who doesn't! Look at Bush, he's doing fine...wounds will become scars, they heal eventually.