About Me

Very ordinary would be how i describe myself. Nothing fantastic about my life, but i am proud to say that i am living it well. Starting at the age of 15, i realised the importance of financial freedom and untill now i am still focused on pursuing that goal of achieving finanical independence. I have tried different money making tools and although the process was filled with ups and downs, i would always tell myself that these are lessons to be learnt and necessary milestones to my goals.

Therefore i decided to create my "Terrible Trader Revamped" blog, i guess alot of people will ask why the word "revamped" was included in the title. To tell you the truth, this blog had already been started 2 years ago. But due to my ignorance and hectic schedule, i wasn't able to totally put my heart and soul to blog writing. Within the span of 2 years, i was reading up on stock trading and finding ways to improve my skills on chart reading. Although not as good as others who have constant winnings, i managed to get by and improved on my tecnical and fundamental analysis skills.