Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Global Test market : Earn money by doing surveys

While surfing the web using stumbleupon, i happened to chance upon Global test market. Altough it stated that i can earn money by completing their survey, i was quite sketical and haphazardly believes that its a hoax. But then again, curiosity got the better of me and i decided to sigh up for an account. What the heck, i got nothing to lose right? I never regreted ever since.

For the first few months, surveys sent to me were quite slow. Typically around 2-3 survey, but i still continued to do it anyway. Some were short which typically took around 5 - 10 mins, while there were a fair share of lengthy ones but they generally last about 45 mins. After about half a year(yes, its abit SLOW, but i was determined), i managed to clock 1000 points. Quickly, i carried out a redeem and waited for my $US50. It took the cheque a month to reach my mailbox, in between i nearly forgot about it but i was surprised when i really got the money, i banked in the cheque and it was legitimate. I was $US50 richer. A slow way of earning money, but at least its not a hoax. Below are a list of pros and cons for your comparison. And if you wanna join, link is provided below as well. Happy Surveying and a Merry Christmas!!

- Surveys increases once they deem you are active
- Get 1000 points and you earn US$50
- Legitimate
- Surveys are sent you via email and you are required to click the provided link
- Surveys are typically short and simple, longest i took was about 45 mins
- Great for students and housewives
- Do it at your own free time, but surveys can get expired if you ignore them for too long

- You might be surveyed out if they feel that you are not suitable for the survey. But you still get a minimum of 5 market points
- Cheque sent to me via mail, but it took them quite some time to reach me. I got it around a month later once i submitted to claim my rewards
- Only cash rewards, i was hoping for other rewards though
- You can only claim $US50 once you have reached a min of 1000 marketpoints

Interested? Click the link provided. **I don't get paid for this recommedation though, purely out of sharing my likes. :)